Website Design

Great design should both identify and work for it's target market, a user must perceive the usefulness of a website if they are to continue using it. At Canadian Spirit Studio, we work hard to understand the type of website we are designing, and the trends of its audience. We know a business website should not be designed the same as a social media site. We also know your brand, product catalog, or social media site must be designed for easy navigation and to highlight your product or service in an appropriate manner.

Website design has a few different disciplines involved.

First there is graphic design - or the creation of logo's, buttons, info graphics, animated banners or any of your websites visual needs.

Next you have the layout of a website -  how your site is arranged on the screen. Canadian Spirit Studio keeps your target market's preferences in mind when ever we build a website, giving you a layout and color scheme that is in touch with your clients tastes.

Following the layout would be the typeface or font to use. Usually a successful website has only a few typefaces which are of a similar style, instead of using a range of typefaces. Preferably a website should use either a sans serif or serif typeface, not a combination of the two.

Clear instructions and labeling on all Canadian Spirit Studio websites make easy navigation standard, plus it increases a websites SEO ranking.

A lot of people make the mistake of having a website designer build their site, only later finding out that to SEO their website it will cost more than the site. At Canadian Spirit Studio we look at the big picture every time we start a website project, keeping function in mind when ever a design is made.

With colours to match your brand, a layout to get the users focused on what you want, plus the ability to expand at any time. It only makes sense to get Canadian Spirit Studio working on your website today.